Our goal is to have nonstop music throughout the day, starting at 11 and ending at 5. The band lineup:

Hot Fuse
Olde Blue
The Joint Chiefs
Whiskey West
McCoy Tyler Band


Hot Fuse Band

The Hot Fuse band is a group of seasoned rockers with over 30 years of experience playing classic rock, latin rock,  funk and reggae cover songs from the 60’s & Beyond


Olde Blue

A train rolling down the mountain, blowing smoke up through the redwood trees...
Olde Blue's music is all heart and no filler. Three veteran musicians, with the technical chops to wow any music nerd, choose instead to focus on creating simple songs with real meaning.


The Joint Chiefs Band

The Joint Chiefs are one of the most versatile and exciting dance bands currently performing on the Northern California music scene. Their sound fuses elements of funk, acid jazz and classic R&B with their own signature groove.


Whiskey West

Whiskey West combines the sounds of outlaw country, bluegrass and honky tonk to create an edgy toe tapping, good time acoustic honky-tonk sound. Kinda like if Johnny Cash & June Carter adopted a freight train, gave it some acoustic instruments and a drum kit asked Tom Waits to conduct the combo and said "play something that swings."


Mc Coy Tyler

McCoy Tyler is a songwriter and guitarist whose musical backstory is one of unbridled change and expansion. Having performed in styles ranging from power metal (no joke...) to bluegrass, his skills as a lyricist and instrumentalist are reflective of an early immersion into music and live performance and a constant curiosity and willingness to learn. Having had little formal training, his stylings as a guitarist are entirely his own and while songwriting is his core focus, he maintains that his guitar playing is the driving force behind what he creates. Hailing from the coast of Northern California and rooted deep in the customs of American music, McCoy Tyler is simply one of the most intriguing songwriters in the bay area and beyond.